Riding on State Trust Land

By cody

As we know, there are many ongoing access issues for our favorite local trail: Honeybee. We will keep posting the latest information that we have on the club facebook page. In the meantime, the coaches want to take a minute to talk about State Trust land.

State Trust land is managed by the state and available to the public for a wide variety of uses such as camping, hunting, OHV riding, and mountain biking. For recreation on State Trust land, users must have a valid recreational use permit. A complete mapping of State Trust land parcels is available on their website, which shows that it includes some of the most popular trails in the Tucson area including:

  • Honeybee / Primo / Badlands
  • 50 Year Trail / Golder Ranch / The Chutes
  • 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo / Willow Springs Ranch
  • Fantasy Island

Permits are available online or through a mail-in form. The best way to fight for continued access is to be courteous to other users, show up at town council meetings, and play by the rules, and that starts with making sure that we all have recreational permits when we're riding on trails on State Trust land.