Prescott Race Report 1

By cody

Emily Taylor, Ironwood High School, Sophomore: "This is my second year racing for NICA and for OVMTB. I've come a long way from the beginning of my first season. My goal for the first season was to be in top ten finishers. I made it but I was always chasing that podium. I never gave up. This year, it was my time to succeed. I was able to reach the podium at White Spar in Prescott for the second race of the 2016 season. This would not have happened without the sponsors or the coaches the team has. I want to give a special thanks to every single one of them: Oro Valley Bicycle​, Ell Real Estate Group, Numericraft, NOVA Home Loans, Fox Restaurant Concepts, Mama's Famous Pizza & Heros, Oro Valley Automotive, MK Property, Allstate Insurance: Bruce Unger, and Royal Buick GMC Cadillac of Tucson. All of the student athletes on the team have their own talents and abilities and the coaches help them improve. They help us be who OVMTB is today. They've changed young student athletes lives. Without them, we could not pursue the sport we love and enjoy. Thank you from our team and the way you support us."