Lightning Policy

By cody.

Oro Valley Lightning

We will ride in raid, sun, snow, and absurd heat, but we will not ride in lightning. If there is a lightning strike within 3 miles of our practice location within 30 minutes of practice start, we will cancel practice. The coaches use multiple...

Season Ends, Off-Season Begins

By cody.

OVMTB has completed a very successful 2016 race season! A few weeks back, we raced in the State Championship at White Tank Mountain Regional Park, and the whole team performed well with almost everybody moving up in the standings. Our girls had a...

Prescott Race Report 2

By cody.

Tyler Adams, Freshman, Ironwood Ridge High School: "Ever since I rode my first mountain bike trail three months ago I knew I was hooked. I look forward to each of our mountain bike practices. I want to get stronger and faster. I look to the...

Prescott Race Report 1

By cody.

Emily Taylor, Ironwood High School, Sophomore: "This is my second year racing for NICA and for OVMTB. I've come a long way from the beginning of my first season. My goal for the first season was to be in top ten finishers. I made it but I was...

Chutes Time Trial Results

By cody.

We had a great practice ride out at the 50 Year Trail network today and did two timed laps of the Chutes! As the riders work harder and harder through the race season, we should see minutes peeled off these times. As a reference, one of the...

The Club is Growing

By cody.

There have been several new faces out at the team practices the last couple weeks, which is very exciting! We welcome all the new families. Now's the time to come out and start training to set yourself up for success come race season.

To recap...